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Looking for advertising that brings great results and takes your New York business straight to the top? Hand painted Murals, Spray Painting, Wall Paintings and Window painting are the advertising tools for you! Window painting provides a low cost, exciting way to promote your New York business!

New York Murals / Wall Painter

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New York Walls / Mural Painting

New York Mural Artist

Anthony – artist

  • spray painted
  • murals
  • sign painting
  • wall painting
WALL PAINTING SERVICE AREAS: New York,  Tri-state area Anthony is a Professional Graffiti Artist with over 20 years behind the spray can, Anthony has been involved in the production of some of the worlds most colorful and creative murals. Based in New York City, he has had the opportunity to travel and paint in Miami, and overseas in Madrid, Thailand, Costa Rica and New Zealand for a variety of non commercial and commercial clients including Coca Cola, Men’s Health Magazine, Macy’s, and Cross-Fit Gyms to name a few. He has a passion for painting that comes across in the detailed artwork that he produces. He enjoy working on unique concepts for each job and tailoring them to the client and their environment.”We are only limited by our imagination, so lets work on a mural that captures your audiences attention.” View1
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