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Window Painting is a wonderful way to bring in potential clients for your Indianapolis business. Everyday advertising is boring. Brighten it up a bit! Stand out from the rest! Hand painted window splash art is a necessary tool for your Indianapolis business success! Put us to work, and watch your numbers skyrocket!

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Indianapolis Window Painting

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Terry –  artist

  • window painting
  • wall murals
  • sign painting
  • windshield painting
WINDOW PAINTING SERVICE AREAS: Indianapolis, Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri.  

I’ve been painting windows in Indianapolis for over 20 years.  I use only quality materials and have MANY references if needed. Let me help you advertise your business so everyone can find you.  Remember advertising does not cost, it pays!  I paint window signs, wall paintings, or murals to help businesses achieve success. Window splash painting is great for sales, special promotions, grand openings, clearance, holiday decorations, or simply to gain name recognition.  Bright fluorescent hand painted images and lettering has proven to be a successful yet economical form of advertising.  Contact me today.  Thank you for your business!

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