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Custom, colorful, beaming, hand crafted window gestures will pull in both new and old customers to your Portland store. Let us paint your window advertising today! The single greatest advertising value available today is window painting! Window painting gets the results! It is the best way to attract the attention of new Portland customers. It not only says “here I am, look at me!” (which is great for new businesses) but it also says, “check out these great deals, right now!” it creates a “right here, right now” urgency type of sales alert.

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    Window sign painting, has proven to be a very successful form of advertising.  I have been a fine artist all of my life …and decided to combine my artistic talent with sign painting in 1981… To insure full service to my clients… I have been in business now for over 30 years..and am passionate about what I do… Creative art and signage on an individual basis is awesome and much needed in this high tech world.  Window splash painting is a great advertising value for special promotions, grand openings, clearance sales, seasonal holiday decorations, or simply for name recognition. Bright fluorescent hand painted images and lettering continue to be a successful yet economical form of advertising. Contact me today for fast, dependable service and a free estimate! Thank you for your business!

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