Sign Painting Advantages

Window sign painting increases retail sales.

Window painting is a great way to increase customer traffic. Window painting is the single greatest advertising value available today.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers from an interview with After Marketer Club.

“To help you discover more about the art of window painted signage, we sat down with window painting expert Kim Fitzsimmons of A to Z Window Painting. Kim is a veteran window painter in Phoenix, Arizona and the founder of A to Z Window Painting. She has been designing and painting business window advertisements for more than 25 years. Read After Marketer Club’s In the Pits Interview with Kim below.

AfterMarketer Club: How does window painting help increase sales?

Kim Fitzsimmons: The single greatest advertising value available today is window painting! Window painting gets results! It is the best way to attract the attention of new customers. It not only says “here I am, look at me” (which is great for new businesses) but it also says “check out these great deals, now!” It creates a “right here”, “right now” urgency type of sales alert. The main purpose of window painting is to get the customer in the door so that the salespeople can sell to them. I have heard from many customers that they just saw the sign and whipped into the parking lot so as to not miss the great deal that they just found!

AfterMarketer Club: How does window painting compare to other types of business signage?

Kim Fitzsimmons: Window painting is highly preferred over other types of business signage because of the low cost, and high visibility that it offers. The advertised specials can be changed regularly to create an always fresh, evolving look that never appears dull or outdated. The ever-changing messages continue to attract new customers while keeping the old customers coming back regularly to take advantage of the new specials.

AfterMarketer Club: How long does paint last? Is there anything about paint selection/quality that is important to know?

Kim Fitzsimmons: Different types of paint are used for different types of jobs. If a new business is advertising a “Grand Opening,” it will be a temporary sign. If the same business decides to paint their name and logo on the window, it will need to be a more permanent type of sign that should last for many years. While most quality paint has excellent durability, the strong sunlight in some parts of the country can definitely have an impact on the appearance over time. Window painting may last anywhere from 3 months to 6 months … or from 1 year to 10 years! It just depends on which paint is used and where it is used. The fluorescent colors are much brighter but tend to fade faster than basic primary colors. Sometimes simply choosing to paint a window with north or south exposure rather than east or west exposure is all that needs to be done. On the other hand, many businesses purposely choose to paint a sign on the window facing the sun to shade the interior and therefore to cut down on their electric bill. Using the right paint for the job is critical. Hiring an experienced, professional company to do the job is always important.

AfterMarketer Club: How often should I change my signage for best results?

Kim Fitzsimmons: Some stores demand a clean crisp image always, while others don’t mind the older faded look that comes with time. Changing the message regularly guarantees “eye popping” results! A store with ever-changing, newly advertised specials gives the curb appeal of a booming business and a successful enterprise. The bright new messages on the windows keep bringing in new customers while keeping regular customers updated and aware of weekly or monthly specials.

AfterMarketer Club: Will window painting companies create window sign designs for me or do I have to provide the design?

Kim Fitzsimmons: Most experienced window sign painting companies are happy to help you design the window painting to achieve the best effect and highest visibility. They know how to attract the customers and properly deliver the needed message with the greatest style and composition to get the desired look and feel. In many cases you can give them the design and let their creative juices flow. This is especially true after establishing a trusted relationship with a window painter.

AfterMarketer Club: Will the paint wash off in the rain?

Kim Fitzsimmons: While there are a few types of paint that can be washed off, most companies use paint that is waterproof. This allows businesses to wash their windows regularly. There is no need to worry about the weather damaging the window painting as long as it has had adequate time to dry previous to being hit by a storm.

AfterMarketer Club: We have many corporate stores that all run the same specials at the same time. Can we get multiple locations painted with the same message?

Kim Fitzsimmons: It is very important for branding to keep the appearance of franchise stores the same. Most window painting companies have only one artist and are very limited on the amount of work that they can do in any given week. There are a few window painting companies that are very fast and have multiple teams of artists who travel, painting all over the state and sometimes even across the country. A to Z Window Painting is one of the companies that can take on large corporate accounts. They have developed business relationships with multiple window painting artists across the country. The exact same design can be painted across the United States on hundreds of stores in just a few days Usually a quantity discount is offered for multiple stores.

AfterMarketer Club: How much should I expect to pay and how do companies charge for their services?

Kim Fitzsimmons: Window painting is the best advertising value available today! Each sign is priced according to the size and complexity of the design. This makes it easy for the artist to design a sign for just about any budget. The smallest storefronts may start as low as $150, while the huge showroom windows on the front of a car dealership can run into the thousands. One thing for certain is that the business and profits always greatly exceed the cost, making window painting one of the smartest advertising decisions ever!

AfterMarketer Club: Who takes the paint off of the windows when we are ready to change the message? How is it removed? How much does it cost?

Kim Fitzsimmons: Many window painting companies offer a window paint removal service. This is a valuable service because the paint is usually removed the same day…just before the new message is painted and the store does not miss out on advertising time by having their windows bare. The price will vary based on the type of paint used, the size, and the length of time that the painting was on the windows. In most cases, the paint is removed with a wide scraper blade. It is important to put each scraper full of paint into a bag or box to avoid having a mess on the ground. Most companies find that it is well worth the time and money to let the window painting company handle this task.

AfterMarketer Club: Where can I find a good window painter?

Kim Fitzsimmons: A good window painter can be hard to find. You can search online at to find a professional window painter near you. Experience is important. Just because a friend or relative is a good artist it does not mean that they will be able to produce a quality window painting. Trying to save a few dollars by hiring an art student or friend is almost always a mistake. You will definitely get what you pay for. Most window painting companies put their name and phone number on the lower right hand corner of the window, much like the signature of an artist. There are a few professionals who advertise online and have a website to show their style and window painting images. It is important to look at pictures of their work to see if it is the quality that you are looking for. It is always a good idea to get a referral from a trusted source.

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  1. Hello, I am an artist very interested in getting involved with the business of sign painting on windows, specifically christmas windows! I am motivated to discover the details of this art and business and have just a few questions including how to get a listing on your website. I would love to start here in Sedona, Arizona and am open to your wisdom on the following: What license or permit do I need to do this part time. What is the fee schedule for an average job: i.e. square foot, how many windows, dimensions of windows, complexity of image, custom requests, etc. thanks for letting me know when to talk to you directly.


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